At Vitanibs we have been working remotely and our dogs have been enjoying it!  How about you and yours?

Recognizing that hard times lay ahead for many people, one of our vendors, Bold Commerce, proposed that as merchants, we come together as eCommerce community and give the BIGGEST discounts we possibly can and to use one unified discount code across all stores: SPREADJOY.  We have risen to the challenge! 

We are offering PupCups "OneCup" water and food bowels for FREE with just a single purchase of Vitanibs and we are offering a single purchase of Vitanibs for just $10.  Start here to add both items to your cart. Then apply the discount code "SPREADJOY" at the end of the checkout process.

This handy neoprene dish lives on the bottom of your water holder and retails for $8.95.  Vitanibs retails for $18.00 and a single jar contains 60 nibs.  We will include your dog's new OneCup in the same yellow box that we use to deliver Vitanibs to your door.  Shipping is free.

Since PupCup lives on the bottom of your water bottle, it can always be with you. Your dog will have no need to drink from public watering places or to share other pet dishes. This promotes hygienic feeding and watering of our dogs, which is always a good idea and it may be of special importance at this time. 

The weather is warming up, so it is important to carry water!  If you are working from home or social distancing, take a break and take your dog outside with a PupCup! And keep your dog's body (and immune system) in top shape with Vitanibs all-in-one daily chewable vitamin with glucosamine - good for all breeds and ages!

Take care and stay safe!