Why Does My Dog Need Vitamins?

Does my dog need vitamins? The short answer is yes!

Just like children need vitamins, just like mothers need vitamins, just like athletes. Dogs are mammals that grow very quickly and have an average life span of 13 to 15 years. Way too short!  Vitamins support their bodies' vital systems at the cellular level, keeping them healthy as they grow and as they age.

Your dog gives you unconditional love, companionship, laughter and smiles every day. We humans live longer than our dogs, and they depend on us for their care. At Vitanibs, we are pet parents ourselves. We believe that every dog parent wants to give their dog the best life possible, just like we do. That is why we make Vitanibs daily chewable vitamins for dogs.

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Mammal body systems need vitamins and minerals.

A dog has a mammal body with a number of key systems. You might know their names because you have the same ones! These systems include:

  • respiratory system
  • nervous system
  • immune system
  • cardiovascular system
  • digestive system
  • skin system
  • muscle system
  • skeletal system
  • endocrine system.
Certain vitamins and minerals are associated with the healthy functioning of each one of these systems. You may have heard, for example, that Vitamin C can help support a healthy immune system. You may have even taken extra Vitamin C during cold and flu season. That’s not a waste of money – it’s basic science! Each system needs certain vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Each mineral and vitamin has a role to play.


Dynamic Duos! Systems and vitamins that work together.

Some nutrients are absorbed into the body best when there is a companion vitamin or mineral. These “dynamic duos” need each other! For example, Calcium needs to have Vitamin D to be absorbed. Calcium is the most important mineral in human and dog bodies. (Both calcium and D need to be given in safe amounts for dogs. Vitanibs is veterinarian-formulated to make sure the amount is just right.) Iron needs Vitamin C to be absorbed best. Folate needs Vitamin B12 to be absorbed. Vitamin B12 and folate work together in the body for cell division and replication—so this is an important combination for puppies and pregnant dog-mothers-to-be.

Similarly, many systems in the body work together.  When one system is weakened, it impacts the other. That is why it is important to do whatever you can to make sure that each system is supported each day with the right amount of vitamins and minerals.

What Vitamins Does My Dog Need?

Home-Made and Vegan Diets.

Vitanibs is an ideal supplement to add to your dog’s diet if you are preparing meals at home. You can provide your dog with a delicious meal prepared at home and be confident that he or she is also getting a complete spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals. Similarly, if you are providing your dog with a vegan diet, adding Vitanibs is a good idea. If you are feeding your dog a daily meal of dry dog food manufactured by a large commercial dog food company, it is also a good idea to add Vitanibs because they are made in moist, small batches and are designed specifically as a vitamin, rather than a bulk additive to a dry dog food.

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 Hopefully, this overview helped answer your question that, yes, you should give your dog a daily vitamin. If you research on the internet, you will certainly find naysayers who say there is no need for anyone to take vitamins – but that is simply contrary to years of what medicine and nutrition science has proven. After reading this, you might want to take a daily vitamin, too!  But just to be clear: Vitanibs is just for dogs and is just one small thing you can do to help them have a great life, in addition to providing exercise, play, and lots of love!

Does my dog need a vitamin?